Dis n Dat. Dat is us!  I hope you visit us often!”

Dis is artsy and you can be to!  My mission is to teach women that they CAN do all of these things and more! So many things I do, I have women tell me, they can’t do that. Neither could I at one point!

God has blessed me with a desire to teach above all else.  I mainly teach about Him. We can never learn enough about Him! Check out my blog sometime to learn more!

But before I can teach anyone anything, I must learn it first. And I love to learn new things! 

The message is; you can do anything! You just have to learn how!  And learning is part of life from birth until your last breath, so you might as well love it!

Eventually, this site will be full of “how to” training.  I want to help you. I want you to create!  There is nothing like looking back and saying, “I did that!”.

I hope you keep coming back to learn.  You can come back out of curiosity, but I hope you end up saying, “I can do that!”.

Keep learning, keep creating!

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