Sewing by Dis

Below you will see a variety of things I have made.  Let me tell you!  I never thought I would be able to sew!  I use to hate it!  But now, it is a pleasure!

Eventually I will post some new things with instructions on how to do them.  I would love to get an idea of things people are wanting to learn to do.  If I don’t know how, I will try to learn it and share it with you!  Please let me know if there are things you need help with.  Maybe I could help, or maybe I can find someone who can, if I am unable.

Covered Bridge Wall Hanging

This was done with my Brother PE-770

It is an embroidery machine.  I love it.  But this was one crazy and intense project!

You make each square on the embroidery machine and then you sew them together like a quilt. I would some things different if I did it again, mostly make the batting something very stiff so that it would hang straighter.


Here is a Table Runner I made at Dizzy Diva’s Fabric Shop in Knoxville.

It was great fun and now I am excited about making more for different holidays!


Here are some pillow cases I made. I learned this at a class at Dizzy Diva’s Fabric Shop.

The cool thing about these is you can make them as vibrant and colorful as you want and there are no open raw edges anywhere!  Not inside or out!

My First Quilt!  For my first grandson!

This quilt was done 100% by hand. It took me a while but it was fun and turned out great, I think! I learned to do this completely on my own, with a little help from my wonderful mother-in-law and the Internet!

This is my second quilt.  I kept it.  I decorated a Man Cave for my dear hubby Dat.  It is in University of Tennessee orange.  The ceiling tiles are even the orange and white checker board from UT!  Anyway, this is my one non-UT item, but it blends in pretty well and keeps me nice and warm!


Here are a couple of presents I made. The first is just a simple white towel with and owl embroidered on it.  The other is a pillow.  I told myself when I started this site I would show my mess ups so people will know it does not always come out perfect!  On the pillow I was wrapping it up when I saw this little triangle of orange cloth laying under it. I had forgotten to put the nose on the poor owl!  I had to quickly sew it on and wrap it, therefore, I have no picture with the completed owl!