Dis n Dat


One year for Christmas I made a variety of bags.     



   Then I made these cute stationary holders. They are so easy to make. This is just one I made. You make them out of place mats.  They are super easy to make and fun.  I bought all the supplies from one of those places on line where you can get large quantities of things like pens and pocket calendars. The place mats I bought where ever I found inexpensive ones on sale! 


Then I made some candles, soaps and a bunch of loaves of bread, my world famous pecan pie muffins and my annual fried apple pies, which I bake.

 Then I filled the bags with all the goodies and some pretty tissue paper and gave as gifts. People loved them.! I have made these baskets year after year and have even sold some. 


During the year if I find pretty containers or baskets throughout the year at yard sales or on sale at stores I grab them up and save them for the next batch of gift baskets.