My friend Shelia and I are stepping out on faith.  We have asked the wonderful women from our Ladies’ Bible Study (Ladies Becoming Servants) to pray for God to bless our efforts at attempting to become self-controlled and to treat our bodies in a way that is pleasing to Him.

Soon we will post our before images and give you weekly updates on how we are doing.

Shelia has been at this for a while and is doing great! The pictures I will post of her will be truly her before picture and her current but not her end result!  She has been very motivating to me!

I am posting this blog series in hopes to inspire others, and to help me be accountable.  I have struggled with weight lose for almost all of my adult life. I teach Bible studies that tell people that “all things are possible through Christ”.  I have felt God telling me to prove it in my life and use His power and guidance to overcome my gluttony.

And I hope that as this progresses you will give us some positive feedback, or seek help from us. We are not experts. I am just someone trying to become healthier, but I would love to help someone else with their journey by being inspirational and by caring about and listening to them.

Please pray for us on this journey.  I believe in the prayers of the saints! I believe in the power of God!