Week 2: Have our toes been stepped on yet?  Believe it or not, not really.  But I love this section!  I feel more loved by my heavenly Father!  I hope you do, too.

Please be prayerful and really study.  It will change your life.  I promise!

Also, would you leave me questions or comments?  I want to know what this prompts from you!  And feedback is always helpful!

◦     vs. 4: Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

▪     The NKJV says, “Let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing.”.

  •  Mature perfect complete lacking nothing.  That is the goal of God for us!  I just love Him so!
  • The word mature/perfect here means reaching one’s goal, objective or purpose, full grown, fully developed.
  • The last words… lacking nothing… we will have everything we need!

◦     We have the Holy Spirit to comfort us

◦     The Power of God to strenghten us

◦     The Word of God to guide us.

▪     If we are not rejoicing in all circumstances maybe we are not using our resources!

  • ◦     vs. 5: If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

▪     We can have wisdom!  If we don’t there are reasons why and one is we are not asking!

▪     Whew.. it has taken me a bit to be able to write again from the last sentence!  I read “who gives generously to all without finding fault,”  And tears began to flow.

  •   Oh how easily we look read things and go on without much thought!  I have read it before….. but today it grabbed me and I felt like I was hugged by God Almighty.  I think I was!  I think I am!
  • God gives generously!  That is so awesome, wonderful, and speaks volumes about who God is.

◦     He does not just give us a bit so we can squeak by, He is generous!

◦     He gives to all.  You can have as much wisdom as anyone else!

▪     God does not want to just dump everything into you and then let you live your life after that.  He wants a relationship with you.

  • Imagine a father who the day their child was born, wrote a book of knowledge for his child, bought all the clothes she would need, all the food, all the cars and houses and just everything she would need and gave it to her on day one.  And after that he went to live somewhere else.

◦     Is that the father you want?

◦     Is that a father?

◦     Our Father in heaven wants an ongoing relationship and wants you to call on Him at the time you need something.  He even wants to give it to you.

◦     But without the asking part, there is not relationship!  God loves us!  This fact never ceases to amaze me!  And on top of that He wants to have a loving relationship with us!  Glory!

  •  But it the next part that tore me up!  Without finding fault!  He gives to His children generously and does not even see our faults!!!

◦     It is a good think I am typing this.. if I was writing it, my paper would be stained with tears!

◦     He does not see my faults!  He is just giving me what I need and more.

▪     Why do I say more?  Because, that is the generous part!

▪     When He is giving me wisdom, He is not just giving me enough wisdom to make sure I can survive…like wisdom to gather food, to build shelter, to cloth myself… but more than that, He gives me wisdom generously!

▪     So if He looked at my faults, I am thinking He might just stop at the necessities. I believe He loves this dumb and stupid sheep and would give me what I need no matter what.

▪     But the generously part, comes because He does not look at my faults!  He does not look at your faults either!

▪     Can we get it?  The world only sees a part of us, the part we let them see. But God Almighty knows us through and through. He knows everything about us!

  •   If you could know me like He does.  See all my sin, and I asked you for something, you might be very hesitant.  You would remember what you know and you would think.. maybe I should save this for someone else.  Maybe she will squander it, like she has other gifts she has received.  She does not deserve it!
  •  But he does not look at all that ugliness when He is answering our prayers!  He does not look at our faults.

▪     How I pray I can me more like God and not see the faults, but just look at people in love!

◦     And without find fault is like saying, there is not dumb question!  God is not going to mock you or tease you, He is just going to help you!

  •   And after we find wisdom, lets give some thanks!  We are so focused so many times on the moment, and then we jump to the next moment, that we never take time to realized what just happened!  God Almighty, God the Creator of all, God who knows everything, Who is everywhere, and the Great I Am, just gave you what you asked for, wisdom!

◦     It is not a little thing!  We need to recognize the gifts God gives us.  How ungrateful we are when we don’t even recognize that He answered or feeble miserable prayer!

◦     Many time I fail to recognize and give thanks and glory to the One to whom it belongs!  My goal from this point on is to humble myself and take the time to glorify Him for what He does for me!

◦     Will you join me?  When you are lead by the Holy Spirit, it is not a trivial thing! Will you thank Him!

◦     Have you ever really asked yourself what wisdom is?

▪     God gave us His Word.  It is full of instruction.  If we read it we will have knowledge.

▪     Sometimes the Word is very clear.  Like, “Do not steal.”  Pretty clear!  We don’t have to think to hard about this one!

▪     Sometimes though we find ourselves in situations that are not quite so clear!

  •  For instance, as a step-mother, I can not always find in scripture the right way to deal with my step-children.  (Praise God they are wonderful, so I don’t really have any problems coming from them!)  But what I need and have always prayed for is for God to show me how to treat them with love but not cross any lines that would offend them or their mother.

◦     I prayed for wisdom in this area for years.  And thanks be to God, it was granted.  I am not saying I was the best step-mom, but I can look back and recognize the Holy Spirit leading me to either do or not do something.

◦     They are grown now, and it is much easier that at first.  But I still pray for His guidance in this area where there is no “black and white” in God’s word to show me the way.

  •  Other situations in life need wisdom.  Which job to take? How do I help my failing marriage?  How can I find time to do it all?
  • Knowledge is things we learn and retain in our minds.  Wisdom is knowing what to do at right time in the right way.

◦     Now don’t we all want that?

◦     And on top of just knowing what is best for me to do for me, I want the mighty wisdom of God who can show me what is best for me, what is in His will and what is best for others.  I am just to selfish to come up with that on my own!  I need His guidance!

◦     vs. 6-8: But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7 That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. 8 Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.

  • ▪     OK, I must say I have been in this doubting position and it did truly feel like I was being tossed by the wind!
  •  Have you ever had doubts about God?  I have gone through periods in my life where I doubted the following:

◦     That there was a God at all.

▪     Wait a minute!!!  I was told all my life that you have to know that you know that you know you are saved and going to heaven!

▪     I do!  I do know it in my soul!  But sometimes the mind is warped!  I get thoughts that are not Godly thoughts.  Rather they are just me being human or Satan’s darts, I don’t know.  But it happens.

▪     When it happens, I have learned now to just go back into my mind to the times I saw God move!

  •   I can tell you to this day the moving of God in me when I was 13 years old and at church camp, holding tightly to the back of the seat in front of me.  It was the last day of camp, I had been preached to and taught all week.  I listened, I cared, I felt stirrings and I felt so unworthy of God’s love or attention or anything all week.  But on that night, God revealed to me through the song “Just as I am” and the conformation of this truth from the preacher, that He loved me, the ugly, worthless, abused, bad person that I was, exactly like I was.  I surrendered to that fact and I tell you that until the day I die, I know that I know that I know that God cleansed me by the blood of Christ that night!
  • I can also look back on times I have seen Him move in my life after salvation.  Things I know were only possible by miracles!
  •  I can also remember feeling His Holy Spirit moving in me, speaking to me and comforting me.
  •  And on top of it all.  As I mature in Christ, I love like I never loved before.  And I love in a way that I know that without God in me, I would not love this way!

▪     So now I don’t waiver like I use to.  And now wisdom comes. And it comes and it comes!

  •   I am not saying I am wise in the worlds idea of wise.
  •  But I am saying I am much more wise than I was years ago in the things of God. And I am so thankful!
  • In verse 7 it says that if we ask doubting we should not expect to get anything.

◦     That is hard!  But all in all it makes a lot of sense.

▪     If you go to your parent asking like this, “You are not really going to help me a figure out which college I should go to.  I don’t think you love me enough to help me. I don’t think you can help. I don’t believe you want me to help me. I don’t trust you to do this for me. I don’t think you care. But will you help me anyway?”   How do you think they will respond?  Should that child expect help?

▪     But if the child goes and says (and means it), “I need help deciding on what college to go to.  You have much more wisdom than me, could you share some of that wisdom with me so that I can make the best choice possible?”. What do you think the answer would be then?

▪     Never forget God wants a relationship with you. He will not force it on you. He is like the patient parent, wanting to help, but waiting to be asked.  (This is only one characteristic of our amazing Creator)

  •   So God does not like double-minded. And it makes us unstable in ALL that we do.

◦     All, not just when asking for wisdom.

◦     We must train ourselves to control our crazy thinking!

◦     Pray for wisdom in faith!  Keep praying for it!  When doubts slip in, pray them away!

◦     Even ask God to help you in your double-minded thinking! Because God wants the stable people to be out spreading His word, living a life of a Christian, and representing Him.  Not someone who one day says one thing and the next day does not believe it anymore!

▪     We are terrible witnesses for Him if one day we praise Him for His awesomeness and the next day we are jump in the middle of sin with no thought of Him!

◦     I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be unstable in anything, let alone all that I do!

Let me know if this section spoke to you like it did me!  See you next week!