Well, our adventure has been a bit shaky. Not good.  We gained!  Now, we cannot blame anyone but our own selves.  I don’t know what happened. I got lazy and lost my motivation. 

But the good news is I have found it again.  Oh friends of mine, I need prayer! I need God’s help to do this!  Please pray for Shelia and I!

Shelia told me to be honest on here.  She even wanted me to post our measurements!  Oh my!  I am thinking on that one.

I gained about two pounds and Shelia gained 8 in the last month.  Sigh.

Here is a better picture of Shelia now.  Even though she gained this month, over-all she has lost a lot!  So we are really using this picture now for the middle of the road for her.

Mid-weigh! LOL!