I am asked this all the time: “How do you do all you do?  Don’t you get tired or burned out?  You do too much!  Rest and relax some!”

The truth is, I do rest and relax. I don’t think I do tons more than any other woman.  But more than most men!  I am one of the happiest people I know! Blessed and know it!  I do not worry.  And even though there some things I would change if I could, I do not dwell on them. Life is too short. I believe we are created to glorify God, to love Him and to love others.  So, I try to do that every day. But God is wonderful and lets me have all kinds of things that are blessings to me! 

So here is how I do what I do:

First, most of what I do is done during the hours my dear hubby, Dat, works.  He works 40 hours a week and drives 45 minutes on way to work. So I really get most of my stuff done in  49 – 50 hours.

I usually get up around the time he leaves.  I stay out of his way this way.  He does not eat breakfast, or I would cook it for him.  I love breakfast.  But if I cooked for him, I would cook the good stuff.  Good stuff = lots more calories than I normally eat for breakfast.

Every week day I get up around 7:00 am. I have coffee… love my coffee!  I start it to cooking then I go pray.  Then I do my Bible study while having coffee and some easy breakfast, yogurt, toast, oatmeal or something light. I usually do my Bible Study until about 8:30 am. Then if it is Monday, Wednesday, or Friday I go to Curves to work out with my friend Shelia.  (See Shelia on my health page).

Then I get busy with whatever day it is or whatever needs done. 

So after Bible study and exercise on the right days this is what happens most times:

Monday:  I work from home on the computer and do this for about 2 hours, getting payroll done.  It seems to be a priority to everyone!  🙂  I wash some clothes and do some straightening of the house. At 1:00 I leave to volunteer at a women’s shelter for 3 hours. I teach them basic housekeeping skills, cooking, cleaning, and sewing and things like budgeting. The class is an hour. I spend two more hours there being a receptionist, which really means, I get to talk to them a lot! I leave there at 4:30 and either go home and cook supper or go grocery shopping if necessary.  I only shop one time p er month if possible except for fresh veggies and fruit.  Then I cook and settle down in my chair.  I will discuss how productive that chair is later!

Tuesday: I have a Ladies’ Bible Study class that I lead.  I cook for it in the morning. It starts at 10:30 we have Bible study, then we eat and chat. We have grown so close.  But beyond that, now once a month we all go to the women’s shelter and take a meal. We eat with them and fellowship with them.  It is great!  We are called,  Ladies Becoming Servants, and that is what we want to be!  After LBS, I go (usually I have a friend from LBS go with me!) to a local Nursing home and visit some very special friends of mine!  I do love them. And they seem to look forward to the visits.  I know if I miss, I hear about it!  :).  After that I go home and work on whatever needs done until time for to make supper for me and hubby. I will list the whatever needs done things under Whenever I figure it out to do!  Sometimes I go to a sewing class on  or a church meeting on Tuesday nights. Then to the chair!

Wednesday: I usually work on Wednesdays, from about 10:00 am until various times, usually 5:00 pm. Sometimes less. Sometimes I don’t work Wednesday and spend the day with my wonder friend and sister-in-law!  We have such fun together, no matter what mundane things we do! If I work all day then I stop and prepare  my Team Kids’ lesson for the night. I go to the church a little after 6:00 to help fix supper for the kids, then we have our Team Kids time.  I love those kids!  I mean it!  Dat and Dis have a late supper on Wednesday’s.  It is take out a lot of the time.  Then to the chair!

Thursday: I do various things. If I did not work Wednesday, I do it on Thursday. Or I get those million little things done in the morning that need done.  Right now I go work on the mural I am painting for my wonderful father-in-law.  I will post a picture of it when done on my paintings page. In the afternoon, I go to painting class.  Right now I do.  I am thinking of dropping it.  We will see.  I stay there til 4:30 then I go to the farmer’s market if it is the right time of year, and you probably can guess the rest… cook, eat, chair!

Friday: Many Friday’s I get little Miss. Lily.  She is two now.  She is the grandchild of one of my dearest friends, Carol, who has passed away now.  I started getting Lily while her grandmother was sick, her mother was in the Army stationed in Afghanistan and her 18 year old father was raising her.  I just got her to give him a break.  Now I get her because I love her!  When Lily is here, I do some special cooking, like baking bread or new recipes. I try to anyway, she is not always agreeable to that. She loves to sit in “the chair” and read books with me!  Fridays I use to do some of those “whatever needs done” things or I go to Dollywood with friends or shopping or whatever. Friday nights or Saturday I do some work for work that can only be done when the store is closed.

Saturday’s vary a lot. On a good Saturday I just hang with hubby.  On a bad one I do a ton of those “whatever needs done things”. 

Sunday’s: I teach Sunday School, a women’s class, go to church, eat, nap, choir practice, church, cook, eat.. and you guessed it, “chair”.  I love my chair!

Whenever I can I do Whatever needs done. This is really what makes people think I am so busy. But to me it is just normal. They are:

  1. Typical stuff like wash clothes, clean house, yard work, iron (not unless I must!)  and stuff!
  2. Sometimes, every 4 -6 weeks or so, I have to drive 1 and 1/2 hours to work to do things on site then drive and hour and a half back!  It is a beautiful drive though, and I listen to an audio book so it is fun really.
  3. I post the weekly sermons on our church’s website, which I keep updated.
  4. I paint. I paint a lot!  Portraits, scenery, anything!
  5. Work on my website.  Look around you will see….. Bible study is the most consistent thing I do it weekly.  I would love to get better at updating the other pages!
  6. Sew!  I love to sew, but do not get to do as much as I would like. See my sewing page for some.  I hope to sew more in the future! I am getting a quilting machine and table!  How exciting!
  7. Bake bread!  I want to get better at this, but dear Dat does not mind my experimenting at all!
  8. Work on gift baskets.   I make things for these. I give them at Christmas or birthdays or whatever.  I make the following to put in them:
  9.     Bread, cookies, aprons, hot pads, soaps, jewelry, bath salts, stationary holders,embroidery stockings, towels, pillow cases, t-shirts, jackets and more.
  10. I make things with wood: walking sticks, signs and more.
  11. I paint bird houses and other things to make as gifts.
  12. Crochet. I have a blanket that will cover about 5 people I am working on for about 5 years now!
  13. Quilting
  14. Cross stitch: You can make beautiful things with cross stitch. Someday I will post some pictures.
  15. Visiting people who are sick, shut-in or in the hospital.
  16. Cook once or twice a month for a family who needs a bit of help here and there.
  17. Deal with the dog.  Training… you should see the tricks I have taught her.  Maybe I will post them some day.  Grooming.  Sometimes I do it myself… ugh! 
  18. Gardening.  I have a ton of flower beds and a vegetable garden.  See my other page.
  19. Calls, calls calls,…. I make a lot of them. Some returning calls, some for work, some for people who just need calling.
  20. Senior Ministry planning and trips!
  21. Plan and Cook breakfast once a month for kiddos at church. 
  22. Plan and make bracelets for LBS women who have earned new charms.
  23. Make albums, update website and frames for church of events that have happened at the church.
  24. Do “whatever” at or for the church.  I love my church, I love that church family.  God’s people!
  25. Plan and go to breakfast, meals, movies or shopping with friends.
  26. Write letters weekly to a dear friend in prison.
  27. Preserve foods by canning, freezing or drying.
  28. Read and save recipes on a flash drive so I can have them without all that paper!

For fun, I spend some time on Facebook keeping up with my dear friends and family in Texas and I love Pinterest! I play Sudoku, and word games, crossword puzzles and even Angry Birds! I love magazines and I love to read books!

Now in all of this, my dear hubby Dat gets a lot of my attention.  He is a wonderful man, my best friend and the love of my life!  I love being with him! And he is a big sports fan.  NASCAR and college football.  Do you know how much stuff I can get done when these are on?  Like now, in my chair, watching football, blogging, and chatting with hubby. A lot of stuff gets done in my chair.  All the stuff in bold is done at night or on weekends during sports time.  I like sports, I just don’t have to give it my full attention!  🙂

Other things that helps me get it all done is:

  1. I don’t stress over any of it.
  2. I love doing most of it.
  3. I don’t go to bed until after 11:00 pm.
  4. I can talk on the phone and a lot of it! 🙂
  5. I can multi-task!

Sound busy to you?  It does, but like I said at the beginning, not any busier than most women!