Ok, we have been so slack.  So very slack!  I will give Shelia credit.  She has been sick.  Me, just lazy.

So, of course, the New Year brings new resolutions.  So here we go!

I resolve to lose 60 pounds this year.  hopefully, 50 before August 17th, my wedding anniversary.  We plan to renew our vows!  How exciting! Until I think of how I look!

One day at Ladies Becoming Servants Bible study, Shelia and I were listening to two skinny people talking about what they were eating these days.  We looked at them, looked at us, and thought, they are about our height and bone size.  We could look like them if we lost weight.   So we took photos of all of us and I have edited them via “Photo Shop Elements 9”.  It was fun.  Here is the results.

(Note: I had to remove my future look, so just use your imagination! ☺)



Please pray for us, we want to glorify God in all things, including taking care of these bodies He has given us!