Below is a post that I added in 2013.  I have since came to the conclusion that this does not work. When trying to figure out why it did not work, I can only weakly come up with maybe the first few times it worked because I did not, for some reason, have static build up at that time as bad as it would get later?  Who knows but after about a week or two I gave up on this and forgot to update my post!  Thank you Cynthia for reminding me!



Ok, I stumbled across this little tidbit out of desperation.  I was all set on a snowy, icy day to wash all my laundry.  I washed my first load and went to put the clothes in the dryer only to discover (actually to suddenly remember!) that I was out of dryer sheets.  I threw them in the dryer.

I hate static!  My hubby hates static!  My first load of clothes was hubby’s dress clothes. Static, static static.  Snap crackle and pop!

What to do?  So I looked on the internet, of course! I found several sites saying that a ball of foil removed static.  Foil? I started trying to remember anything about science that might tell me why this would work, but then I decided THAT was useless!

So I grabbed some foil and rolled it up, about the size of a tangerine or avocado, and threw it in with his dress clothes and turned the dryer back on.

Results were dramatic!  Not one single snap, crackle or pop!

I continued washing and I ended up using the same ball of foil on six loads of clothes.  No static, at all, from any loads!

You know, I have heard all kinds of bad things about dryer sheets, like the chemical in them and that they clog up the dryer vent.  I don’t know if any of that is true, but this does eliminate those concerns for me!

Ultimately, though, it is about money and convenience for me!  I can’t even imagine my ball of foil cost two cents!  And I always have foil!  And it is reusable!  Win, win, win!

Try it and let me know what you think!