I have Spring fever!  I do!  Maybe it is a gift from God so that we get going on planning and preparing our gardens!   

I have big plans this year.  Why?  Because I have helpers this year!  Shelia (You can meet her on one of my other blogs about health) and her husband are going to help with the labor for half of the harvest!  Everything is more fun when it is done with friends!

This first post is just going to show you how I start planning. 

First I have ordered the seeds!  All organic. Only ones that we like.  There is no use for me to plant turnip greens!  Ugh!  But spinach!  Yummy.

The next thing I did was make calendars for when to do what! Take a look, it looks like a lot, but I listed all dates that was are optimal planting dates per the Almanac for Knoxville. This way if it is raining or muddy on one of those days I can choose another.

February-2013-Calendar      March-2013-Calendar  

April-2013-Calendar            May-2013-Calendar

Hopefully, my next blog will be pictures of us working away to prepare the soil. I am going to turn some flower beds into vegetable gardens since I need to produce more now.

I hope you are inspired to plant a vegetable garden!  You don’t need much room!  In past years I used three, three-foot by six foot raised flower beds. That was way more than I needed.  In the past I have done all kind of things in pots.  Tomatoes, herbs, peppers.  I actually like peppers planted in my flower beds or in pots in my flower beds because they add color and are pretty plants, to me.

The money you save it amazing! This year I will save even more than usual because I am starting all my plants from seeds.  I will post some pictures of that set up when I get it done.  I do think you either have to have some room for this indoors or be like me and just really not care if for 8 weeks things are a bit crowded in one room. But think how cool it will be.  OK, it will really be warm because I will have lights and heating pads surrounding my little seedlings!  Maybe I will sing to them?  On second thought I will try to talk hubby into that. He is an awesome singer.  It is very unlikely I will convince him to sing to my plants though, 🙁 

Let me know if you have questions or comments!  Oh, and please let me know if I am doing something wrong!  I am a novice at some of this!