Smell it?

One day I had to make a basket for a fund-raiser at church. It was for the silent auction.  I have found in the past that baskets with food are real winners.  Men will bid on them!  I included my husband’s very favorite, Pecan Pie Muffins!  I will try to post that recipe someday!

So in this basket I put the following two loaves of bread.  They were both great and about as different as you could get from each other!  I know they were great because I made two loaves of each and only put one of each in the basket. 

These are recipes are truly making bread from scratch.  Rising times, punching down and everything!  I love making bread.  See the links to the recipes at the bottom of this post.  I want to give credit to the ones who posted the original recipe.  It is possible I changed some things in my version, but I can’t tell you what at this point.  I always tweak something when cooking!  Don’t you?

The first is a light white bread for sandwiches.  The loaf rose very high and it was a beautiful thing to behold when it was pulled from the oven.  Can you smell it?

The other is a healthy toasting bread!  I eat it without toasting, but you have to like the thicker, heartier breads to eat it this way. You can warm this just a bit with butter!  Oh my!


The heartier bread I found here:

The sandwich bread I found here:

I hope you dare to make fresh bread some day!  You will feel so creative!  Almost like when I paint!  And it is so very much cheaper and healthier than buying bread from the grocery store!