Excitement and fun were in the air on Thursday when my friends and I gathered at my house to start our gardening group.  I have some friends who live in apartments and do not have any land. We started talking about my garden plans and one thing led to another and now we have a group. Here is the deal:  I provide the land, some labor and some of the financing and they provide some of the financing and labor. Then we will share in the harvest!

So we started just this week.  It was fun. I liked gardening before, but I always did it by myself.  Dear Dat is not into gardening at all!  Anyway, I found it to be much more fun with friends. 

We are clueless about somethings, we know a little about some others, and we are experts at none of it!  So all of our efforts are just on the job training. We are learning from friends who are more knowledgable and the internet. 

I will try to post updates as we go and pictures of our harvest as we gather.  What an adventure! 

 So this week we started seeds indoors.  Tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, herbs, lavender and just about anything we like to eat that is suppose to be started indoors and by mistake a few that are normally started outdoors. 

Pruning by Kendra! What is she doing?!

We started potatoes outside in half barrels.  I turned the water on one of the barrels and forgot about it.  We soon realized the barrels had no holes for drainage!  So Stormy drilled some low down on the sides.  We might better pray over these taters! I will post pictures of them later when they start to grow.  Hopefully!

We really did pray before we began anything!  Shelia thought of it.  You know we need the Lord!  We cannot make this happen without Him!

After all of that we went out to prune and fertilize my apple trees.  They are very old trees. They only give us apples every other year, but it has been three years since they produced.  They have been very neglected. Also, they are on the ridge behind my house and one side of the trees do not get sun due to the multitude of taller trees behind them. When we went to prune them, there is only limbs on one side of the trees!  I probably should cut down some trees behind them, but some are Dogwoods!  I will have to do some research, too, to see if they are too old and maybe not worth the effort.  But this year they received some loving care and hope they show us some love back!

Shelia sawing on the apple tree!

Come back throughout the summer and see our progress!  Pray, if you will, too!