I am not even sure why I wanted to make this, but it just seemed cool to know I could make my own!  I saw it on Pinterest.  Here is the site that I got the recipe from.


You can go there and get more information if you like. She had much better pictures than me!  vanilla extract

First I bought the vanilla beans!  They smell so wonderful. I had never handled a vanilla bean before. They are very oily! I cut about 5 per 8 ounce jar.

Then you get some liquor. For those of you who know me this is the fun part. It took me quite some effort to build up the nerve to go into a liquor store!  I stressed for a couple of days and then finally just went. If someone saw me, I decided it was not as big of a deal as I was making it.  Hopefully, anyone who saw me and cared would just ask me what I was doing at a liquor store.

Now just for clarification, I am not saying no one should ever drink. I don’t drink, my dear hubby does not drink, but we are not going to judge someone else if they drink.  The reason we don’t drink is the Bible is clear about not getting drunk and neither of us can say for sure where that point would be.  I am pretty sure one drink would do it!

Ok I digress!  Back to the Vanilla Extract!  So I bought the kind of vodka the website used just out of pure ignorance about what to buy. Apparently you can use rum and other liquors but they will add to the flavoring. Vodka does not.

vanilla extract2

So I took the beans and cut them open, put them in a glass jar and added vodka. I closed the lid and shook it up.  Viola!  Done!  Except for the wait and a few shakes here and there.

It takes months for this process to complete. I made mine in September, hoping by Christmas I could have it ready.  Maybe some of you reading will get some in your gift basket!

vanilla extract3

Here is the vanilla extract after one week.  Already very dark!

I am not sure if this is any cheaper than just buying a big bottle of Vanilla Extract at Sam’s, but it is fun to make. And you know exactly what is in it and how old it is.

I can’t wait to try it!