For me life is a series of steps reaching for perfection. Trying to be Christ-like and getting better and better at it.  I will never be perfect, but I am trying to grow closer to it.

To be able to start again at getting my body into the shape it needs to be, I must admit I have failed miserably. I have repented. I want to start over.

So last week Shelia, who is my partner in this, and I joined a gym. We have recommitted ourselves to getting healthier.  We are committed to helping each other. I would like to recommend Tennova if you are looking for one in the Knoxville area.  They are so nice and so focused on your health!

We, again, are putting ourselves out there in full view. Why?  One reason is accountability. We need it.  Please help us by holding us accountable!  Ask how we are doing?  Follow our journey!  The other reason is to help anyone else who is going through this. We are pitiful, but we are trying.  So we hope you will try with us!  It might take a village for us to get healthier.  Will you be a part of our village?

So our starting weights were: Dis:250  Shelia: 274

Dis is now 236 and Shelia is 254. … Yay!  We did not completely blow it!

We have committed to working out at the gym at least 3 days a week with aerobic as primary and weights as secondary. We are gong to try to go every day in hopes of getting more, but a minimum of 3 days.  We had an evaluation on our first day and we are having another in 6 weeks.

We have lots of fun at it. We are doing a lot of water classes because my knee prevents me from doing the land ones…. but someday!

Starting next week I hope to take a weekly picture of us and post it her so we can see progress. I read somewhere it is good to take a picture of the face because you can see the change the most there, so maybe we will do body and face? These are our starting pictures. marys before pic july 2012Shelia's before pic: October 2011

I asked Shelia what she would like to say and here is her response: “I don’t know what I would say except to ask for continued prayer and it hurts!”  LOL!

Please pray for us!  Encourage us!  Join us!