Well here I am again.  I am as high as ever in weight!  But I am not going to look back. I am going to look forward and move forward!

I am truly praying and depending on God Almighty to help his poor pitiful daughter!

I am going to keep a journal here. Here because I have this site, and who knows if it will help anyone but me, but it is worth it if it does!

I weighted 250 pounds last week!!  Ugh!  I did lose 4 lbs this week though!  Yay!  I am doing Weight Watchers and am going to the gym. Well I did Weight Watchers last week and this week I started at the gym again.  I am giving the gym until the end of September and if I don’t go consistently I am going to quit paying for something I don’t use!

Here is my pictures from vacation two weeks ago.  I am adding some others that I hate and some I think are tolerable!  LOL  So maybe my after pics with be great!11223743_10207545870029352_5557557344756353612_nIMAG0251These are 3 weeks ago when I decided to get more serious!  That is a wide door at a hotel too.  I should have picked a wall!
IMAG0252 1184797_10202129116853908_2067062330_nWedding Renewal 2013

Easter 2015
11665495_10207365164351823_2653481417417994250_nJune 2015

I don’t know how often I will post, but I would like to do it often so I can maybe see some triggers or maybe to help me see my problems clearer.  Or maybe see my progress!

If you read this. Pray for me please!  And join me in the health battle!  I so want to win!  I want to be healthy!