We seemed to have gotten into the habit of watching the news. Ugh. We never did before! It does not help my happiness, and I see so many people unhappy, angry and miserable. So I got to thinking what is it that makes some people live a happy life and others live a ticked-off, angry, the world owes me, or miserable life? Then I realized I have been both. The first 1/3 of my life I was miserable. The second 1/3 of my life I was better, but still angry most of the time. Now in the last 1/3 of my life I have been on the extreme side of happy. What made the difference?

Love. When I came to Tennessee I decided to leave behind drama, to not focus on it and to focus all of my attention, (to the best of my ability) on loving God and loving others. I started planting seeds that were going to produce love! In my young life I was reaping bad from seeds sowed by bad people. When I became an adult I sowed bad seeds and reaped from them. Then I started sowing better seeds. The first year I was here, I was still reaping my bad seeds, I was a mess really, but I kept on sowing seeds of love. Really focused on it. Believing God’s word and doing it, loving God and loving others. Eyes off self and onto others. Oh my how I failed sometimes. But in the big scheme I had changed my way of thinking and doing.

The results? I am happy beyond belief. I love people easier and more that I ever have and I am loved deeper and by more than ever before in my life. Love equals happiness in my opinion. But note, people did not start loving me first. I had to do the loving, in my messiness and then the seeds I planted of love started coming back to me. All of this is God’s doing and work in my life. He is the One who showed me the way and gave me the ability to stick with it. I am eternally thankful and will NEVER go back to plantings seeds of drama anger, self-loathing, selfishness, complaining and more. Sure I mess up. Sure things make me sad, mad, angry, and anxious. But God reminds me when I do. He leads me back to the path I chose to follow.

I really hope in my lifetime I can others see the seeds planted rule and help them change their lives into a life of happiness. Thank you God for working on me!