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I love these!  They can be made ahead for the whole week!  And they can all be made alike or each one a little different.  Hubby does not like spinach.  You could say he is a hater!  Oh my!  But I love it so spinach is in mine but not his.  There are four different varieties in this set. Some with everything, some without spinach, some without tomatoes and some without spinach or tomatoes.  Something for everyone!  It is only me and Dear Hubby, but you  never know when a grand-kid will show up!  They love Mimi’s eggs!

Now please remember I am not a professional photographer, blogger or chef!  I am just sharing some of my recipes with whoever may like them.

Okay, here is the easy way to make these:

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spray the muffin pan. (I usually use just a muffin pan, but I like these little loaf pans too!)  I use this handy little sprayer I bought years ago from Pampered Chef.  Once I read the ingredients in the canned oil sprays, I decided there must be a better way than ingesting all those ingredients that are unknown to me!  So I just use my own little sprayer with olive oil in it.  

Next I just start filling the cups with ingredients I am in to mood for, or that I have on hand.  Today in the order I put them in the cups.

Canadian Bacon

Raw Spinach leaves

Shredded Mexican blend cheese

Diced fresh tomatoes

How much of each, you ask?  Hmmm… however much I want to!  Just fill the cup up!

I have used cooked sausage, bacon, onions and more in them.  Make them your way!

In a bowl, I whip eggs with a fork until well blended.  Now for this pan I did 10 eggs, because the loaf pan shape holds a little more than a muffin pan.  I think it does, anyway!  But when I do a muffin pan I just use one egg for each muffin slot.  I also add about a quarter of a cup of water to my eggs before I whip them.  I know, I know, when I first heard that I was not inclined to think it was a good idea. But I tried it anyway.  What did I get?  Fluffier eggs! (Spell check does like the word fluffier.  But I believe it to be a word!!)  I add a little water for scrambling eggs and omelets, too!  Love it!

Now pour the whipped eggs over all the ingredients.  Then I just sprinkle with salt and pepper. Well sometimes I do.  I have gotten in a habit, with just DH and I, not to add salt.  He rarely adds salt to anything. So I am thinking I am helping him by not putting it in if he is not going to miss it anyway!

Now they are ready to go in the oven. I cooked them for 20 minutes. I did a little jiggle test and oh no!  There was lots of jiggle.  So I let them cook another 7 minutes and no jiggle. There is NO room for jiggle in my eggs!


And there you have them!  Yummy.  I put some in a contain for DH to take to work with him. And I dug right into mine!  

I hope you like them!  Let me know if try them!